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What Our Customers Have to Say

  “We have been working with Workforce Training Partners for over 5 years. As a small business, there is always a lot going on, and much to do. We need to be as efficient as possible each year in completing our taxes. And we always want to maximize our potential refunds. Jonathan helps us do just that. He is thorough, but also makes the process simple, and fast.  Being able to take advantage of the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit helps us buy the equipment we need to grow our business.”

Tim Bergl, Franchise Owner, CYB Group, LTD


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  Venture Commodities, Inc. is a manufacturer of batch processed animal fats and oils for the agricultural industry.  They have a customer base that relies upon the precision rendering of animal by-products to ensure both safe and effective end-user applications.  Venture Commodities benefits from Workforce Training Partners’ OSHA compliance services, and the calculation and approval process for the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit.  

“Workforce Training Partners has been an important partner with our Company. Jonathan has always given us first-rate service and attention to our projects. Workforce Training Partners has worked with Venture Commodities, Inc. on a major update of our safety compliance and training plan to a system that effectively works with day to day operations, and has given us a fresh look at how training gives us benefits, both financially and operationally. We have also benefited from Jonathan’s assistance with the Retraining Tax Credit, which helps fund our training initiatives and contributes to our bottom line.”

Christopher M. Braaksma, President, Venture Commodities, Inc.


Roytec Industries, LLC is one of the most highly automated wire assembly shops in the country with the capacity to process 5,000,000 circuits per week running a single shift. They have a broad customer base serving industries that manufacture satellite communication devices, healthcare equipment, lighting, power tools, transport vehicles, UPS equipment, CATV equipment, switchgear, and power related products.  Roytec benefits from Workforce Training Partners’ complete menu of services by taking advantage of the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit, and also initial; and annual OSHA compliance training services.

“Workforce Training Partners has been a great help to our company. From forklift certification, OSHA training, to Lean Manufacturing, Jonathan has provided excellent courses for our employees. He is not there just to sell you a service, you know he truly cares about your company. I highly recommend Workforce Training Partners”

Mandy Sykes Chapman, President and CEO, Roytec Industries, LLC




North Georgia Staffing is a Human Resource Consulting and Staffing Services firm headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia.  North Georgia Staffing prides themselves on innovative employment workforce solutions to meet their client’s challenges in many administrative and technical fields  North Georgia Staffing benefits from Workforce Training Partners’ expertise in finding substantial tax savings based upon their annual training activities via the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit.

“Workforce Training Partners has helped NGA Staffing improve our efficiency with projects to reduce our government reporting burdens. Their efforts resulted in a considerable savings of time and money, and their team has shown to be very professional and able to identify areas where we could achieve the savings.”

Larry Underkoffler, Chief Operating Officer, North Georgia Staffing, Inc.